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Reef Stable is a small business focussed on educating and providing the best coral for beginner reef keepers


Shipping Will Resume January 2nd!

Return, DOA, and Live Shipping Policies

Refund Policy / Method

All refunds, including DOA, cancelation, and returns, will be conducted via a Reef Stable Gift Card Credit. You will not receive a refund via PayPal or other card methods. All refunds will be in the form of a digital gift card, of the amount in question, sent to your email.

DOA - Dead on Arrival Policy

Wet and/or Live goods, including but not limited to coral and macroalgae, that are purchased require specific, careful, and fast shipping. It is possible for some products, especially coral, not to survive this transit. If any products do not survive, you MUST contact us via the Contact Us page within 2 hours of the FIRST shipment attempt with images of the DOA product, in the original bag/container. Stressed Coral/Live Products DO NOT QUALIFY for DOA refunds.

If you are not present for the delivery, or it is held at the shipping facility and not picked up at or before the agreed upon time, no DOA requests will be honored.

Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of live goods shipping, we must maintain strict DOA policies. If you are not sure if your case qualifies, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you! We do prioritize customer satisfaction, however we are required to balance this with attempted scams, mistreated products, poor acclimation, and a variety of other challenges that may occur.

Reef Stable is not responsible for lost or mistreated shipping of live products. This must be resolved with the shipping company.

Live Goods Shipping Policy

Live goods are typically shipped in appropriate styrofoam or insulated shipping containers with additional insulation and heat or ice packs as necessary. After the order is placed, we will contact you to verify the ideal shipping date. Weekend shipping WILL have an added charge and can be discussed if you wish.

Delivery Dates and Times

Most shipments are typically shipped on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery or Thursday for Friday delivery. If these do not work, we will do our best to work with your schedule.

Most deliveries will arrive by 12:00pm (noon) on the day of arrival. This arrival time may vary by shipping location. If you need the box held at the facility, we can try to assist if the destination is able to do this, however it may affect the DOA policy.

The preferred shipment method is via UPS. Other shipping companies may be used depending on availability, performance, and cost.

Reef Stable is not responsible for lost or mistreated shipping of live products. This must be resolved with the shipping company.

Return Policies

Wet / Live Goods

Wet and/or Live goods, including but not limited to coral and macroalgae, CANNOT be returned. For these purchases, all sales are final. This is due to the cost of shipping and potential for these products to perish or expire in transit. Please ensure these products are what you want BEFORE purchasing. Some orders can be canceled before they ship, as long as they have not been packaged. If you decide you do not want these items, please reach out via the Contact Us page immediately.

Dry Goods

Most dry goods (excluding 3D printed goods) are shipped from the wholesaler. If there are any issues with your order, please Contact Reef Stable and NOT the wholesaler. We will work with the wholesaler to correct all issues.

For all dry goods, there is a 7 day return policy. This includes damaged products, if you simply ordered too much, or even just decided you no longer want the product. If you decide to return a product within 7 calendar days, please contact us via the Contact Us page and include the order number, and product details/reason for return.

For all returns (not includes damaged products), you are responsible for the return shipping price. This shipping price is non-refundable.

Dry Goods - Damaged In Shipping

One exception to the above policy is that all products damaged in shipping MUST be communicated within 2 days of delivery. Please keep the product and packaging as it may be needed to be investigated by the shipping company.

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