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Reef Stable is a small business focussed on educating and providing the best coral for beginner reef keepers

About Reef Stable

The primary goal of Reef Stable is to Simplify Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance by providing the tools and information you need to succeed!

The Reef Stable Story

Reef Stable Founder

Reef Stable Founder - John Krenzer

Before founding Reef Stable, I working as an Embedded Software Engineer and I wanted to try learning a different kind of software development, web development. As a project to help me learn, I decided to create a Reef Tank Parameter Log because I was tired of using pen and paper, and the other options available didn't show data in a way I liked.

Reef Stable now provides tools such as the Reef Dosing Calculator, Pest and Algae identification and solutions, Reef Tank Guides, Coral Care Guides, a blog, and even a store!

This growth, and your support, has allowed Reef Stable to move toward the goal of making saltwater fish tanks simple.

How can you support Reef Stable?

If you are happy with the content, services, and/or products provided by Reef Stable, and are looking to support the business, there are a couple ways in which you are able to do so. The first is to make your saltwater fish tank related purchases through the referral links/banners on this site. This does not cost any more, but for referring you to the site, Reef Stable receives a small monetary kick back.

Another way to support Reef Stable is through "donations". These are not tax deductible, nor are there any products or services given in return. This is simply a way to show appreciation for the continued development of the site and articles, as well as a way for you to buy the author a cup of coffee. :)

Swim With Us!

The final way you can support Reef Stable is to share and follow the business on social media and forums. This is one of the greatest ways you can support this platform and help us grow.

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Help Reef Stable Grow!

If there are features that would help you or your company, please contact us via email or Facebook Messenger and we will do our best to support you!

If you are using Reef Stable to support your business, please contact us via email or Facebook Messenger to learn about other membership types and features available.

Thank you for visiting Reef Stable!

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