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Best WiFi Cameras for Aquariums

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Last updated on November 17th, 2023


Best WiFi Cameras for Aquariums

Why You Need A Camera For Your Aquarium

The obvious answer is to look at or show off the aquarium when you're not home. The less obvious answer is to know when problems are happening without having to go look at the tank. An aquarium controller, like the Neptune Apex, does a great job at this, but a WiFi camera for your aquarium really helps bring the peace of mind a controller just can't.

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Being Able To Watch False Positives

I have used leak detectors for my controller before, as well as alerts if the power draw on my pumps is low. Additionally I had optical sensors to tell me if my sump was too high or too low. Between all of these, I've had a number of alerts that were not true. The humidity in the basement or some other factor would cause the sensor to say there was a problem.

Having a camera on my sump lets me know if I have a real problem and need to drop everything, or if it's just the controller with a bad reading.

Do You Take Vacations?

Another time a WiFi camera on my aquarium was helpful was when I was on a vacation out of state. I had somebody watching my tank and they told me there were bubbles in the sump. At first I didn't think much of it. But the I checked the camera. The protein skimmer was overflowing EVERYWHERE!

Having this camera on my reef tank let me walk them through what to do while I couldn't be home for a few days.

Best WiFi Cameras for Your Aquarium - Pan & Tilt

The pan and tilt wifi camera let's you move the camera so you can see every detail that you might miss. The added $10 for some of these cameras is more than worth the money!

Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera

Ring Pan Tilt Stick Up Aquarium Camera

The Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera is a low cost WiFi camera that will let you see everything you need with your tank or even sump/fish room. With a 360 degree view of everything, and even night vision, you'll have the ability to see every detail about your tank at any time! While the 2-Way audio and motion detection is likely not a huge selling point for reef tanks, it is available if you need it!

The only downside is that this wifi camera requires being plugged in, not battery operated. This adds some limitations to where you can place the aquarium camera. That said, there is an option to flip the video if you decide to mount any Blink Cameras upside-down from the ceiling.

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Ring Pan Tilt Stick Up Cam

Ring Pan Tilt Stick Up Aquarium Camera

The Ring Pan Tilt Stick Up Cam will also let you see everything you need with your tank or even sump/fish room. With most of the same features as the Blink pan and tilt camera, the Ring Pan Tilt Stick Up Cam also has a full color night vision! Now that's a cool game changer!

This camera is also not battery operated, which is kind of a bummer especially for the difference in price. If you're looking for high quality, this is it! But if you're looking for a budget camera, this is not the one for you.

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Best WiFi Cameras for Your Aquarium - Non-Moving

If you're looking for an easy camera that you mount and forget, these are the options for you! These aquarium cameras will typically be lower cost, but you won't get that pan and tilt functionality.

Blink Mini

Blink Mini Aquarium Camera

The Blink Mini is a great camera for your aquarium, at an even better price! The only downside is that it has to be plugged in. But the reliability from these cameras have been nothing short of great! The night vision is really nice as well! And just to finish off the great features, you can mount them upside down, and just click a button to have it marked as mounted upside-down!

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Blink Outdoor

Blink Outdoor Aquarium Camera

The Blink Outdoor takes everything about the Blink Mini and steps it up a bit further. While it may cost more, it is weather resistant, which really helps around aquariums. The best part though is that they are battery operated! Meaning you're no longer limited by outlets when you're looking for a place to mount your aquarium camera!

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Ring Indoor Camera

Blink Mini Aquarium Camera

The Ring Indoor Camera has all of the great benefits of the Blink Mini and is also a corded option. However, the Ring Indoor Camera offers a color night vision! Making this camera a great option for your home aquarium!

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Recommended WiFi Video Cameras for Your Reef Tank

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While this is not a full list of every camera available for watching your aquarium, these are the options I would personally consider. They're readily available, mostly from Amazon. This list provides you a variety of options from budget friendly, color night vision, and even pan and tilt for better visibility. Offering something for every need.

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