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Reef Dosing Calculator

Reef Stable's Reef Dosing Calculator provides the tools necessary to determine how much magnesium, calcium, or alkalinity needs to be added to your reef tank.

Amount to Dose:0.0 mL
* This number is an approximation only. Chemical interactions may affect this value

WARNING: Remember that all chemicals can cause interactions with each other and will affect the results. Be cautious as to how much of any chemical you add and how much you change each parameter per day. Refer to the product label about the maximum that should be added in a single day.

About Reef Stable

Reef Stable was initially founded in 2019 as a reef tank parameter log to fill a need. Reef Stable quickly grew, becoming a location to solve all of your reef tank problems as well as a place to learn.

Reef Stable now provides a Reef Blog, Reef Aquarium Guides, Coral Care Guides, Identification and Solutions for Pests and Algae, and Reef Dosing Calculators, in addition to the original Reef Parameter Log.

Reef Stable continues to grow, striving to provide a single location for all your reef tank needs!

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