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Simplifying Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance

Simplifying Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance

Making Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance Easier

Saltwater Fish Tanks can be confusing. Tracking Saltwater Fish Tank Parameters and figuring out problems is something I've had to face more often than I would like to admit. That's why I founded Reef Stable.

Reef Stable was built to provide Saltwater Fish Tank tools and information needed to maintain a healthy, happy Saltwater Fish Tank. Giving you all of the tools and resources I would've wanted when I started my Saltwater Fish Tank. The tools on this site are built for Saltwater Fish Tank owners that want simple solutions for success. If this is you, then you've come to the right place.

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Saltwater Fish Tank Parameter Log

The Saltwater Fish Tank Parameter Log provides you with an automatic graph and table showing you the stability of your saltwater fish tank parameters. This is ideal for keeping your coral happy and growing quickly! Tracking parameters also helps prevent saltwater fish tank "crashes".

Saltwater Fish Tank Solutions Center

The Saltwater Fish Tank Solutions Center is a page dedicated to helping you identify saltwater fish tank pests and algae. Clicking on the images will provide you information about the saltwater fish tank pests including how to get rid of them!

Meet the Founder - John Krenzer

Reef Stable - Saltwater Fish Tank Maintenance - Founder

Welcome to Reef Stable!

I founded Reef Stable initially as a project to learn about a new programming language. I built a simple saltwater fish tank parameter log app because, like many of you, I either wrote down my parameters, used a spreadsheet, or just didn't track at all. As you would imagine, this let to frequent crashes and coral death. My saltwater fish tank parameters have been significantly more stable since using this app, so I thought I would make it available for everyone!

As I'm sure you've noticed, Reef Stable has evolved far beyond the saltwater fish tank parameter log app, including calculators and even a blog. I am focussed to provide all of the tools you need to maintain your saltwater fish tank. I hope this site allows the hobby to grow and remove some of the difficulties that cause people to tear down their saltwater fish tanks.

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